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To live better with daily stress

Have you ever experienced times when you feel that you do not have much energy and that you say to yourself: I am empty! or I'm at the end of it! to describe this feeling ...


Or maybe you have the desire  deep  to connect with your heart and soul and feel emotionally revitalized?

When your energy level is low, it is difficult to think clearly, to perform, or even to get up from stress.

In the PRESENCE program you learn how to see your resistance and where  you lose most of your energy and vitality.

With simple exercises, you learn how to become more PRESENT to your inner state and you gradually build your resilience to the stressful events of your daily life.

This program is based on a scientific approach which has proved its worth in all fields.

Out of 11,000 participants, we observed:

46% decrease in anxiety




Experiment with breathing and meditation techniques that can help you increase your ability to take charge of yourself in stressful everyday situations by allowing you to better regulate your energy level throughout the day.

You will come out of this 4 week program (online) feeling lighter and completely revitalized emotionally, mentally and physically.


Everything you learn during the 4 weeks will serve you for life!

The program begins as soon as your registration is completed.

Give yourself this gift and start
  now to live in PRESENCE!





Coherence Cardiaque et Meditation pour tous

Valid until canceled

Exercises de respirations et de méditation en videos

Fiches .pdf à télécharger avec exercises de Cohérence

4 Semaines complètes d'accompagnement

  • 4 Modules with explanatory videos and .pdf files to download

  • 1 Module per week with exercises that you  will take  about 15 minutes a day.

  • You have access to the program for 3 months

  • All information is emailed to you.

  • Your access is immediate as soon as you have completed the registration.

  • Support  custom   by email

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Aperçu de votre accès membre:
Des explications claires en vidéo à chaque étape
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Les méditations guidées
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