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Seasons Flow Yoga

The Yoga of the Seasons is a seasonal approach to the practice of yoga. Each season has distinct energies and we learn to modify the practice.  To live in balance, feel good about yourself, be confident and cultivate the joy of living on a daily basis.

Whether it is for you  accompany in the changes of seasons, in times of stress, when everything is moving, whether you want to find calm or  that you want to move dynamically to bring back motivation, these programs  will guide you through each season of life to maximize your well-being.

Advanced training for yoga teachers

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Join dozens of other yoga teachers from Quebec and France to teach with  the approach of the Yoga of the Seasons!

As you follow the seasons in your teachings, you will observe that your students are more loyal to your classes and more engaged in their own transformation.  Learn how to build a seasonal practice that includes asanas, pranayamas, meditation, and the energetic aspects of the practice.
Start today!

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About the founder ...

From an early age, Janick Leonard has been on a quest to find the meaning of life. She walks by exploring with different approaches to energy healing, spirituality, meditation and yoga. With nearly twenty years of experience teaching yoga and meditation as well as starting new projects as an entrepreneur (initiator of the Wanderlust festival in Tremblant, TEDx Mont-Tremblant Producer) she is dedicated to transmitting her teachings to women who, just like her, have busy lives.

Her approach to yoga essentially answers the question that always comes up from her clientele: How can I have the time to do the things that are really important to me and also take care of myself?


Thanks to the Yoga of Seasons training that it has been offering since 2014, many yoga teachers in Quebec and France also teach with the Yoga of Seasons approach.


Her book "Make This Your Best Life"  was released in the fall of 2017. It teaches how we can all connect to our life mission by practicing meditation and learning to connect to our heart. She shares 8 different meditation practices to introduce everyone to this practice.

Janick sincerely believes that her practice brings a natural “flow” in her life that allows her to serve while creating a fulfilling life for herself and her family. At 49, she is first and foremost the mother of two teenagers and prioritizes time spent with her family in Mont-Tremblant.

What they think

`` I find this kind of healing to be very positive and your approach is ideal. You have an ease in transmitting your knowledge, your experiences and your background, it makes you want to learn more. ''

Catherine Houle 39 years old

I completed the training this spring and am starting to apply it this fall. I love! I have a lot of gratitude!

France, Magdalen Islands

So much good that I finally found  what i needed to accomplish  to feel good and at peace with myself ... "

​  Nathalie, 43 years old

Thanks to the Yoga of the Seasons, I feel more in control  of my body. ''

Chantal, 47 years old

Beautiful summer practice this morning o

You want to learn to modify your yoga sequences and your routine  daily for yourself  and offer your students to be in harmony with the change of season?


Windswept Hair

The 4-week meditation program to learn how to control anxiety on a daily basis ...



Clean up your environment and your space. Meditations to cleanse your subtle and energetic bodies.  Breathing practices.  Yoga  adapted  to support  elimination of toxins.

Lightweight power supplies that  strengthens  our immunity.

Introspection exercises to get rid of your addictions.


Joins-toi à la Communauté!

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